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information about the Split PDF tool


The Split PDF tool allows you to divide a single PDF document into multiple separate files. Here’s some detailed information:

Key Features the Split PDF tool :


  • Page Selection: Choose specific pages or page ranges to extract into new files.

  • Batch Processing: Split multiple PDFs at once for efficiency.

  • Custom Naming: Option to name the new PDF files for better organization.

  • Preview Mode: Allows you to preview pages before splitting.


Benefits the Split PDF tool :


  • Improved Organization: Helps in managing and organizing large PDF documents by breaking them into smaller, more manageable files.

  • Ease of Sharing: Makes it easier to share specific sections of a PDF without sending the entire document.

  • Focused Access: Allows recipients to access only the necessary parts of a document.

  • Storage Management: Helps in reducing file sizes and managing storage space more efficiently.


How to Use the Split PDF tool:


  1. Upload PDF: Select and upload the PDF document you wish to split.

  2. Select Pages: Choose the pages or ranges you want to split into separate files.

  3. Split: Execute the split process to create new PDFs.

  4. Download Files: Save the newly created PDF files to your device.

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