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 information about the Encrypt PDF tool

The Encrypt PDF tool allows you to secure your PDF documents by adding passwords and encryption. Here's some detailed information:


Key Features Encrypt PDF tool :


Password Protection:

  • User Password: Requires a password to open the PDF.

  • Owner Password: Controls permissions like printing, editing, and copying.

Encryption Levels:

  • 128-bit AES: Provides robust encryption for strong security.

  • 256-bit AES: Offers advanced encryption for even higher security.

Permissions Settings:

  • Restrict Printing: Choose to allow or disallow printing of the document.

  • Restrict Editing: Prevent unauthorized editing of the document.

  • Restrict Copying: Disable the ability to copy text and images from the PDF.


  • Works with various PDF versions and compatible with most PDF readers.


Benefits Encrypt PDF tool :


Higher Security:

  • Protects sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Control Over Document Usage:

  • Limits what users can do with the document, preserving its integrity.


  • Helps meet data protection regulations by safeguarding confidential information.


How to Use Encrypt PDF tool:


  1. Select PDF: Choose the PDF file you want to encrypt.

  2. Set Passwords: Enter user and/or owner passwords.

  3. Configure Permissions: Set restrictions for printing, editing, and copying if needed.

  4. Apply Encryption: Start the encryption process.

  5. Save PDF: Save the encrypted PDF file to your desired location.



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