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To use Text Compare, Paste Urls or texts in the input box given below and click on Compare Text Button.

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About Text Compare

 information about the Text Compare tool


A Text Compare tool is a software program designed to help you identify and analyze the differences between two pieces of text. It's a valuable asset for various tasks, including:

  • Code Review: Spotting changes between different versions of code during software development.

  • Document Editing: Comparing revisions of documents, contracts, or other written content.

  • Research Analysis: Identifying variations between different versions of text sources.

  • Proofreading and Editing: Highlighing potential inconsistencies or errors between drafts.

Here's a breakdown of how Text Compare tools work:

  • Text Input: You can typically input text in two ways:

    • Paste Text: Directly copying and pasting the text content from your clipboard.

    • Upload Files: Uploading separate files containing the text you want to compare.

  • Comparison Process: The tool analyzes the two text inputs and identifies the differences between them. It uses various techniques like:

    • Line-by-Line Comparison: Aligns the corresponding lines of text from both inputs and highlights any discrepancies.

    • Character-Level Comparison: Examines each character within the text and flags any variations.

  • Highlighting Differences: Text Compare tools typically use visual cues to highlight the differences. This can include:

    • Color Coding: Changed text might be shown in a different color (e.g., red) compared to the original text (black).
    • Strikethrough/Underline: Deleted text might be struck through, while inserted text might be underlined.
  • Additional Features: Some Text Compare tools offer advanced functionalities like:

    • Ignore Whitespace: Option to disregard differences in spacing or line breaks.
    • Ignore Case: Focus on the meaning of the words rather than capitalization.
    • Side-by-Side View: Display both texts side-by-side for easier comparison.
    • Merge Functionality: In some cases, the tool might allow you to merge the changes from one text into the other.


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